Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Legal Mystery of Savage Proportions

Since I noticed that I received a blog visit from a notable Chicago law firm, Ungaretti and Harris, I have to wonder if Michael Savage has been in contact with them for some legal advice related to his apparent physical harm caused by a surgeon.

Or perhaps it is the other way around and the surgeon is looking to take some sort of legal action against Savage due to the comments Savage made during his radio show downgrading the skills of the surgeon.

Or perhaps some legal beagle is looking at the News Beagle just to see what old Snake has to say about Michael’s Colon. Anyway I am glad to know that someone in a notable Chicago law firm wants to know what I have to say. And if anyone at Ungaratti and Harris has any ideas about suing me, first see my Legal Defense Disclaimer link below.

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