Sunday, September 07, 2008

Michael Savage Being Challenged by Audience

Michael Savage has clearly been challenged by at least a segment of his vast audience. This is due to his honest, and in my opinion, misguided position on Sarah Palin. It is apparent that Savage is not happy with the negative reaction to his point of view in light of the fact that those same individuals are usually in step with his viewpoint.

That is not to say that Savage is not man enough to take the criticism, yet he seems to be somewhat dismayed that he is currently so very unpopular with his Savage Nation that he went out of his way to say in a not to subtle way that “He” is “The Savage Nation.”

When someone in support of his viewpoint called him he was so happy that he was prepared to offer the individual a job as a producer. We now know that the best way to get Savage to like you is to simply kiss ass. It’s not that simple a matter Michael. There are far too many issues at play for us to just go along in order to get along.

Dr. Savage still does not seem willing to accept the point that even a bad choice is better than the alternative, an O’bama presidency. Perhaps he does understand but simply doesn’t want to come right out and say it. Savage should be respected for his courage since it is difficult to not go with the crowd.

Even though Savage will likely go with the McCain/Palin ticket when the rubber meets the road, he will do so with much regret as will many others. The only hope that McCain has is that the conservative base will be attracted to Sarah Palin. Don’t expect Puma’s to bring any votes to the table.

If McCain is successful in his Presidential bid he is clearly going to have to make good on any pledge made to that conservative base. The problem with that is that I really have not heard any solid pledge made to that base.

The fact that his choice of Palin as his running mate over others has been met with a good degree of enthusiasm by those on the right side of the right does not in and of itself guarantee that he will actually do anything for them after the fact.

Yet, when people are referring to "Sarah Palin and her running mate" you can be pretty confidant that they are supportive of his choice. McCain surely understands the importance of the conservative base in this election cycle. If Governor Palin does manage to change the vote of a few women, then that is icing on the cake.

McCain must prove himself to the loyal conservative base. He must make his domestic policy of border protection and tax cuts clear. He will need to get that message out over the next few weeks. McCain would be well served to also keep his focus on important issues such as oil, drill here, drill now while creating an agenda of new clean technologies.

Wind, solar, hydro power along with natural gas and especially next generation nuclear power plants which will reduce demand for oil that can then be directed to the transportation market. By giving incentives to the buyers of new hybrids we can get weaned off of Middle Eastern oil.

Michael Savage has to take into consideration that there are far more issues than the one or two that he seems to be focused and stuck on. Michael the next Presidency is that of John McCain and Sarah Palin as his V.P. It’s time to get onboard the train Mike. Choo Choo!

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