Thursday, September 25, 2008

Michael Savage Calls Doctor a Hack!

Apparently the medical procedure which Michael Savage recently underwent did not go very well. Due to complications of the colonoscopy Savage has been in considerable distress. Even with the abdominal pain which he is suffering Michael has managed to put in two hours each night against doctors orders.

Pain or no pain Savage is not going to stay away from the broadcast microphone with the looming financial scandal which seemingly is about to explode. But tonight the medical situation appears to have gotten the best of Savage when he unexpectedly broke into a tirade of invective about the doctor who screwed up what should have been a simple and harmless procedure.

Since we all depend on the good Dr. Savage to give us his unique insight on the events of the day I would like to extend to him my wishes for a speedy and full recovery. He was in fact the first to recognize what is really going on with the financial rip-off of the banking crises.

Savage was the first to call for a full investigation and it appears that such investigation is now in the process of occurring. One can only hope that those high rollers who are responsible for this mess, by playing fast and lose with the rules, will be called to account.

Not only should they have the financial and real holdings they have received through their deceptive practices seized, but the golden parachute they left with should be permitted to touchdown in Club Fed.

Perhaps one other aspect of that punishment should be a colonoscopy performed by the same doctor who did a number on the colon of Michael Savage.

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