Thursday, September 04, 2008

Savage is Wrong on Palin

Considering that Michael Savage is generally correct in his assessment of many subjects and issues it is strange to see that Savage has now fallen down on the job. Being so far from the inside Dr. Savage is often at an advantage. On this issue I believe that he is off base.

The fact is Michael that even if the McCain/Palin ticket is not the best one which might have been available it is in any event far better than anything which the Democrats have to offer.

And the issue is who is going to appoint the next several Supreme Court Justices? Who is going to decide what the policy which will ultimately effect the Stock Markets which drive our economy will be? Who is going to clean up the mess in the Middle East so that we can eventually withdraw with victory?

Those are the things that you need to ask yourself Savage. Your tirades against McCain/Palin are doing nothing but making it more possible for the Democrats to win in November. Is that what you really want? I don’t think so but that will be the result of your current position.

I am looking forward to getting my copy of the new book Psychological Nudity, but I would offer you a title suggestion for your next book. Try this one on for size. How about “The Day I Lost My Mind” by Michael Savage.

Sarah Palin is clearly up to the task and will be able to hold things together in the event that President McCain is unable to perform his duties of office. She is a very intelligent woman and is clearly capable of executive responsibility.

Or of course you can have a president and a vice president who have ZERO experience. Say that out loud Michael. ZERO EXECUTIVE EXPERIENCE! And if you want to talk about the National Energy Crises you had better consider that Sarah Palin is an excellent choice for Veep. Governor of Alaska Mike. Pro drill here, drill now, pay less!

But don’t take my word for it Savage; go see what others have to say. Please allow me to assist you with some research. For one you might want to see what
Larry Kudlow has to say. After all Savage there are at least a few other points of view out here.

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