Saturday, September 13, 2008

Savage Says O’Bama Not Fit for Federal Service

According to radio talker Michael Savage, that because of his past associations with at least one avowed member of The Weather Underground, Barack O’Bama could not pass the requirements which one must pass in order to gain security clearance to serve in the Secret Service.

How then, asks Savage, can the man possibly be qualified to hold the highest office in the nation? In addition to the fact that O’Bama has had such associations with such a radical, he has also admitted to having used illicit drugs in the past.

Such admission would clearly disqualify him from serving in the Secret Service or F.B.I. so again Savage asks how is it possible that he can qualify for the highest security clearance levels in government as President.

The answer is simply he can’t. That being the case he is unfit for such a position. The only way that Barack O’Bama has managed to get as far as he has is due to the fact that the left media has brought him along the path by silence and covering up the truth.

Once again Michael Savage is right.

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