Monday, September 22, 2008

Snake Oil Sam’s News Beagle?

Sometimes things change and this is one of those times. After giving it a good five minutes of thought I have decided to make a slight change in this blog. Since I tend to do much posting on subjects unrelated to radio talk shows I believe that the title “Radio Review” was somewhat misleading.

Although I liked the sound of that name it didn’t really contribute to the true focus of this blog. Though I shall still find much inspiration for articles posted here on discussions arising on radio talk format, I will at the same time be discussing topical issues in print as well.

Even though the writing perspective will remain true to the Snake Oil Sam brand I don’t want to give any false impression as to what this blog is all about. And that would still be my view of issues in the news and anything else which I feel like blogging about at any time of day or night.

As the great radio commentator Bob Grant recently said, “Bloggers are just about one level above people who write on bathroom walls.” That might or might not be true, still bloggers have the ability to reach a large audience.

The point of this blog is to entertain myself and hopefully at the same time entertain you and just maybe give you something to think about. So with that being said I hope that you enjoy what you read here and feel welcome to visit often.

Have no fear, The News Beagle is on the case.

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