Sunday, September 28, 2008

Urinetown The Musical

After a week of hearing about how the economy is going to hell in a hand basket I was able to enjoy a few hours of lighthearted entertainment. With family I was delighted to watch a small band of thespians perform a very humorous show named, Urinetown!

The cast of the group performing as Try-City Stage went all out to put on a great show. Through the efforts of Director Bill Thomas, who also filled the roll of Officer Lockstock, the show came to life. For a community theater company they did an admirable job of presenting this offbeat story.

The storyline developed its own odd and sometimes totally offbeat but always humorous way of showing how greed and deception can control a community living in fear to the extent that the simple need to “pee” for free can become an issue of contention. Revolts have occurred over some pretty strange matters but I don’t think that there has ever been a revolt as funny as this one.

From my own perspective I believe that the two characters which I most enjoyed were “Little Sally” played by the adorable Dionna Eshleman and the well educated and enchanting “Hope Cladwell” a.k.a. Paula Flickenschild.

Also among the stars that shown this night were Sandy Stalter as “Penelope Pennywise,” Tim Webster as “Bobby Strong,” Vicki Zielazny as “Senator Fipp” and "Caldwell Cladwell" played by Steve Davis.

I know that I have missed a few important names here for which I apologize. Suffice it to say that the entire cast gave wonderful support and some of the offbeat antics of cast members before the show and during intermission brought smiles to the audience of Urintown "The Musical," as Thomas surely reminds us.

The best part of Urintown is that it is, as noted in the title and confirmed in the context of the play, a “musical” which adds to the entertainment value in my estimation. Music tends to keep the production moving and the show had very few if any noticeably slow spots.

Though some of the voices are just a little south of perfection there was no question that Mr. Thomas himself has a pretty damn good set of pipes. Overall, the singing of the crew was not all that bad and was certainly better than my own daily shower concerts, guests by invitation only.

I hope that the community of Port Jervis, New York continues to support the efforts of Director Bill Thomas and his ensemble. Live theater truly is a great way to spend a couple of leisurely hours.

I truly enjoyed the theater experience and as it was dinner theatre the opportunity to relax and be entertained while enjoying a few glasses of wine made the event just that much more enjoyable.

As much as I enjoyed the venue, The Erie Trackside Manor, located at 1 Jersey Avenue in the fair City of Port Jervis, I would have liked to have been able to see the entire performance without need to crane my neck around a couple of support beams.

The music which consisted of an electric piano, clarinet and drums though small seemed to balance well without becoming more than simple accompaniment which complimented the singing.

Try-City Stage has just won a new patron in Snake Oil Sam. Nice Job Folks, I am looking with much anticipation to your next production. I might mention that “Urinetown the Musical” is presented through a special arrangement with Music Theater International, 421 West 54th. Street, New York, N.Y. 10019

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