Friday, September 05, 2008

Will Michael Savage Join the Party?

Many have, by his own admission, become somewhat angry and critical of Michael Savage. This unusual anger can be attributed to his position on Grand Old Party V.P. nominee Sarah Palin. But just how far will that anger rise? Savage seems to be doing some damage control.

Clearly any true Savage devote will not allow his current position to upset the apple cart. Still Savage seems to understand his audience better than anyone and recognizes that they can be pushed only so far before they will no longer bend to his point of view.

Even though he does still seem to be able to find much support in his camp he is facing more derision from his family of faithful listeners than he has in the past for any issue other than perhaps the recent autism debate.

It is likely that he will gently back off on his vocal outspokenness directed at Sarah Palin after he has time to hear what she has to say during the next several weeks. She might even begin to appeal to the good doctor. Does that mean he will be ready to join the party? Hardly likely! Savage needs to maintain his independence so as to speak for the many who feel that they no longer have a voice.

Party affiliation for Savage is akin to a lion eating with the elk. Savage in this instance is clearly the lion. The only party that Savage might ever be associated with is a Nationalist Party which he dreams of creating. Even though such a party would likely have little influence in national politics it would never-the-less give a voice to issues now swept under the rug.

Perhaps Dr. Savage will begin to recognize that the things that Palin will fight for will be those same things that Savage himself wants to see restored in America. Things like conservative Christian values. Respect for life and a turning back of liberal courts and liberal judicial rulings.

It is my belief that Savage was far too quick in judging Sarah Palin. You Michael are guilty of the thing which you yourself most despise, the criticizing of someone without giving them a chance to be heard. And that is exactly why so many misjudge you Michael.

Sarah Palin is not only the correct choice for the day but will in fact be the first woman to hold the high office of President of The United States of America in the next term. And then Senator Clinton’s head will explode!

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