Saturday, October 25, 2008

Is Justice Department Investigating Obama Citizenship Issue?

Clearly the issue of the legality of Senator Obama seeking the high office of Chief Executive of the United States of America, in view of his apparently questionable citizenship status, is being considered by the United States Justice Department. The Justice Department is blog searching Philip Berg.

After hearing what a former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania, Philip Berg stated to Dr. Michael Savage I wrote some of my own thoughts on the issue. It seems that I was visited by the United States Justice Department. Exactly what they were looking for is not known to me other than that they use the search word Philip Berg. It would seem to me that they might simply be looking to see what the bloggers have to say.

It will be interesting to learn just what result the Savage interview with Berg is going to have on the Obama campaign this late in the election season. If in fact Obama is not legally qualified to hold the office then he had better confront this issue immediately.

As radio talk show personality Bob Grant stated on 770 WABC the invalidation of Obama at this time could result in riots. If that does in fact happen, then the loss of property or life will be on the head of Obama if in fact he is not qualified for legal reason.

It is for that reason that the good Senator needs to think a great deal about the actions which he takes in this important issue. Truth is that innocent people might very well lose their life due to his actions if in fact he sought the high office without legal right.

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Addendum: After giving a little more consideration to my statement above that it is clear that the Justice Department is in the process of investigating Senator Obama, I want to add an additional thought.

Since the United States Department of Justice is blog searching the name Philip Berg, it is conceivable that the Justice Department is in fact investigating Philip Berg rather than Senator Obama since what Berg is saying could have a powerful effect on the outcome of a national election.

If in fact Berg is misrepresenting any fact in order to change the outcome of this election it would be conceivable that he is the target of any Justice Department investigation.

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