Sunday, October 12, 2008

Michael Savage Creates New Political Party

Just one day after announcing that he was looking into legally establishing a new political party Dr. Michael Savage announced that lawyers are now in the process of legally establishing a new political party. Because he believes that without taking such action the United States of America as it has long existed will soon cease to exist. Savage has by this action taken what is likely one of the boldest moves ever taken by a radio personality.

Clearly this action will give the left and perhaps even the Republican center reason to push for a fairness doctrine in order to shut down such an effort. It is possible with enough support from his vast audience that such a political party might be able to have some degree of influence. That of course all depends upon how much success the new yet unnamed party has in gaining the critical support of that audience.

Even if it is unsuccessful at unseating any current legislators it will in the very least be an alternative for those who see the current alternative Libertarian Party as something which they cannot support. But will Savage see his dream grow into an effective reality? Though I have difficulty believing that it can gain enough support to effect the national political landscape I sincerely hope that Savage finds much success in his new endeavor.

Michael Savage has made it clear that he is not interested in this project so that he himself might gain political office. It is his stated desire to have others qualified take the ball and run with it. Savage states that he will simply serve as a guiding element at the outrageously exorbitant price of one dollar per year.

Such an organization is clearly going to require a fulltime paid staff in order to make this organization functional and successful. Certainly it can and likely will begin on a volunteer basis, a thousand points of light. Without morphing into a full scale political machine it will not be a useful tool in the longterm.

Those who register as members of this new political party will need to act and vote in lockstep so that the party will be truly united in mission. Therefore I submit to Dr. Savage the name “United Americans Party.” I offer that name without cost to Michael Savage as a gift to him. It is my first gift to the new party.

Clearly bloggers are going to play a large part in getting out the message of the new party. It is going to be through word of mouth that things begin to move. But what will the agenda of the new party be? According to Dr. Savage it will be threefold. They are as follows. Borders. Language. Culture. Yes, indeed the old Savage standard will be what this party is about.

Addressing these three prime issue will tie into every aspect of what is now wrong with America. Savage has stated that the illegal invader problem being faced by the United States can be resolved with several simple steps. Place the military on the border so they can do what the military is designated to do, defend the border from invasion.
No illegal invader will be able to be schooled in the United States on the taxpayer's dime nor will anyone receive medical care at the expense of the taxpayer. It is the opinion of Savage that under such circumstance people who do not have a legal right to be here will go home.

The actions of government must be and indeed will be conducted in the one common language of the American people, English. There is no reason that people who reside legally in this country should need to carry on such activity in any but one common language. It will, according to Savage, become established law. As Savage has stated in the past regarding immigrants, we will not bend to your needs and desires. You will bend to ours.

Lastly of concern is the issue of Culture. The only real way of regaining control of the hearts and minds of the populace is to teach those who are here as legal immigrants and those future generations born here on America’s sovereign soil is to teach American history and American culture.

You cannot have people who are expected to be good Americans who have the ability to preserve and defend the Constitution when they don’t know what it says. Civics 101 will become the watchword. You cannot expect that people will simply become good Americans if you don’t demand that they adopt the culture which has been our heritage for the past several centuries.

As I see it this is precisely why Dr. Savage has begun this process of legally establishing this new party. No one else either Republicrate or Demican is going to get the job done, simply because they don’t want to get it done. It will offer a real choice for people who long for the good freedom that this country has always stood for.

Perhaps there is some degree of hope for this to work. It will take a lot of effort of a lot of good people working behind the scenes in order to make it all come together. It may be proof that one man can change the world.

Savage suggests that by the next national election cycle of four years he might be able to make a difference in this government with the help of his Savage Nation. The only question which remains as of time of this writing is does America have another four years?

My personal opinion is that it might very well not.

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