Friday, October 24, 2008

Michael Savage Starts Firestorm

After hearing on The Savage Nation the interview with Philip Berg, lifelong democrat and a former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania, I believe that Michael Savage has launched what might just turn into a full scale federal investigation into the birth records of Barack Obama.

This story has received little play in the media until now. It is the contention of Berg that Obama is not a legal natural born citizen of the United States. With Savage pulling out the stops I think that this is something which is going to possibly sink the political aspirations of the likely next President.

Berg contends that
Obama was born in Kenya. The simple question is, if there is no validity to this story then why not simply produces a valid live birth certificate from Hawaii and put the story to rest. It is my understanding that has not as of the time of my writing this, taken place.

Savage suggests that the trip Obama is making to Hawaii under the guise of being with his ailing grandmother is related to the birth certificate story. How going there can make any difference at this point in time is beyond my imagination. If the birth certificate does not exist then it isn’t there. What can he do to change that?

But since Obama has not proven his eligibility to hold the high office he might be facing a big national political crisis. Considering the amount of information one must provide to obtain a U.S. passport, you might think that everyone seeking such high office would be compelled under law to provide such legal birth documentation as a first step.

Oddly, when the question arose about the eligibility of John McCain due to issues surrounding his own place of birth, Obama did not go anywhere near that matter. Could that be due to the fact that he knows his own political nightmare could explode as it now seemingly has exploded?

Savage is going to stay on this story which strangely no other significant national talk show host has dared to touch. Will Philip Berg with the aid of Michael Savage be responsible for shutting down the Obama machine? On the other hand will the Obama machine take down Berg and Savage?

I have no idea what the truth is in this matter, still it is a fascinating situation. If in fact Obama is not able to hold the office and is removed by the courts from the ballot what will be the result within the minority community. Indeed any minority would rightly view it as yet another attack against that community.

I believe that at this late date when it is a horse race and the likely winner will be Obama the action of forcing him off the ballot will create social unrest as has not been seen in this country in decades.

On the other hand is it wise to ignore the Constitution of the United States of America in order to avoid social conflict? Clearly not! Likely the courts will allow the election to go on as scheduled, with the hope that Obama simply is the loser. With that action eliminating any possibility of civil unrest the situation will then be able to be dealt with behind closed doors between Obama and legal counsel.

If in fact that scenario plays out there is yet another issue in play. Obama would not be qualified to hold his office in the United Sates Senate. No matter what the final outcome, one thing is clear. This has been one of the most hotly contested and convoluted political campaigns of all time.

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