Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No Savage No Vote

Michael Savage says the only hope that John McCain has for victory is the Savage Nation. Declaring that not being a guest on Savage radio program will guarantee the failure of the Republican Party to win the White House in November Michael Savage declared “No Savage, No Vote.”

Call Washington, flood the R.N.C. with e-mail and fax calls demanding that McCain present himself to the conservative base of the Savage Nation or lose the election. While McCain has done many small and unimportant radio shows Savage is incensed that McCain won’t appear on Savages’ program.

If in fact McCain never appears on the Savage Nation then, if and when McCain does in fact fail at his presidential bid, Michael Savage will then be all the stronger being able to claim the loss as his own statement of fact. And who will be able to deny that claim. Sure, it will be improvable and yet a claim which Savage will undoubtedly make. And why shouldn’t he?

On yet another related matter Savage recently stated that he is having difficulty creating the new Savage Party. He seems to be running into what he seems to suggest are roadblocks created to prevent anyone from forming a third party.

Though I have no idea what is involved I am certain that many of what he sees as obstacles are just the standard red tape that all bureaucracies create in order to justify their existence.

I would imagine that Savage must meet the standards of each individual state if he is going to be successful. Actually, I don’t know why individuals can’t simply get together and do what they believe to be right. Still if that were true then there would be no need for lawyers.

Savage will work at the issue and I hope that he doesn’t give up on the idea but after all he is just one man.

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