Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Art of Time

Before picking up a publication dedicated to the art of the timepiece, I had never thought of time as a form of art. Truly though, time can be art when expressed in the form of a wristwatch.

For some a watch is an outward expression of success. In a way I would suppose that it is a reflection of financial success. Considering the cost of a fine timepiece, it is a way of subtly displaying such wealth.

Others however see a wristwatch as simply a way of keeping track of time. I have always been such an individual. Able to still remember my first watch, I look back with fond memories of the day my father bought me that watch. Yes son, Timex is the way to go, he said.

“Timex takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’” he declared. I did not know that was the Timex motto. I was so proud of the little kid size watch. Clearly manhood had been attained that day when I first strapped on that watch.

Now though, as my eyes have been opened to the beauty of a fine timepiece, I find myself craving to own one or more of those beautiful timepieces. Not having achieved near the level of success to purchase one of those beautiful works of art, I am left in a vacuum of class envy.

Therefore if any watchmaker would be willing to give me an expensive watch I would be more than happy to endorse you and your fine product. Consider that the endorsement of Snake Oil Sam does not come easily. I do have my standards, and they are set at a fairly high bar.

Indeed I believe that you will find that the Snake Oil Sam endorsement is of considerable value. Therefore I would urge you to be among the first to ship me a fine timepiece. For details on how I might be of service to your fine company, or for details on where to ship the product, simply use the e-mail Snake Oil Sam link below.

I am also available to endorse fine automobiles, suits, footwear, furs, electronics and any other high end product. If you have any product which you feel would benefit by a Snake Oil Sam endorsement, please contact me. All products will be evaluated for quality and value.

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