Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Letter Home

Recently I began to fool around with You Tube, something which until now I have not attempted to do. But since I have had a little extra time on my hands, I am starting to put together my own You Tube Channel.

I have as of yet not produced any of my own videos and it is questionable whether or not I ever will. In any event I am attempting to put something together on Snake Oil Sam’s News Beagle, uniting it with my new Snake Oil Sam You Tube Channel.

Simply, to begin I am going to post a work by the well known young Writer, Director and Producer, Marco Chierichella of New York City and points west. This short film is set in World War 2 Germany and tells an interesting story of the lives of a soldier and the woman whom he dearly loves waiting back home.

The main character in this film is played by Rocco Chierichella, brother of the Producer. The narration is the voice of Rocco an outstanding actor in his own right. I hope that you all enjoy this video.

The quality production value of this award winning film speaks for itself.

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