Thursday, November 20, 2008

Michael Savage Drops the S Bomb

The innocence of the ears of Snake Oil Sam was damaged, perhaps irreparably, while listening to Michael Savage during the six o’clock hour (E.S.T.) of his Wednesday, October 19, 2008 broadcast. Savage inadvertently used the bad ‘S’ word. Yes, indeed the intended word “Flagship” was replaced by the word, “Flagshit.”

It seems that no one on the Savage staff was on the ball in order to hit the dump button. I find it hard to believe that Savage works without delay, considering that he is a professional broadcaster. Granted it was a mere slip of the tongue, but with the Federal Communications Commission (F.C.C.) a.k.a. Uncle Charlie holding sway, it would be wise to avoid such disastrous words.

Face it; with the amount of words that Savage speaks in the course of a broadcast, all coming off the cuff, it is surprising that such accidents are not more common. While he has from time to time stopped himself from saying words which he feels in his heart, this one was clearly a simple slip of the tongue.

Really though, with all of the use of such words in society today becoming so commonplace, all I can say is who really gives a flagship. I hope that the political correctness police don’t haul Savage away!

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