Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Jersey Gang Corruption

New Jersey appears to be having a large problem with the growth of street gangs into its suburban communities. The subject is being highlighted in a front page above the fold article in The Record. It seems that the issue of corruption has reached right into the New Jersey prison system where officials are smuggling in contraband for the gang connected inmates.

According to the article, during a hearing into corruption in the New Jersey prison system experts said “rouge guards and other staff members smuggle in cell phones so the imprisoned gangsters, overwhelmingly members of the Bloods, can direct business all over the country."

One issue which got my attention while reading this article jumped right off the page since it brought to mind what Michael Savage has been saying for a long time. Allow me to quote the portion of the article.

An unnamed corrections officer stated during testimony that he witnessed gangsters who are “trying to get [friends] in the right positions”- that is, prison and police jobs, and even in the military.

“Mainly they want to join the Army and Marines, go into combat zone, then they get the training,” the guard said.

Clearly this country has a lot to be concerned about internationally. Still, this is not the time to lose focus on internal matters of security.

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