Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Thoughts on the Obama Victory

Once again America has spoken, and spoken loudly. The majority have elected, for the first time ever an African American. Although I, along with many others do not believe that Obama will live up to the ideals which he represents as his values I am happy at least to be able to say that we, as a nation can no longer be called racist.

For the first time ever this nation has been able to overcome the prejudice which has separated it from itself. A man, who only a few short decades ago, certainly in my lifetime, could not drink water out of the same public fountain as I could in certain states, will now occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

That, in my view says much about this country. We are healing from the actions of past generations. That though is not enough to heal the wounds of the past. We each must take it upon ourselves to live up to the ideals of the nation as our forefathers purposed it to be.

Especially so, those who have been elected to the public trust must carry out their commission with honor and dignity. President Elect Obama must set the standard of returning integrity to government. He must stand up for the people and do so with openness. Daylight must be permitted to shine upon his high office with the greatest of transparency.

Words spoken at a victory speech in Chicago are easy. The tough part is making them come to pass. Clearly much of what he said throughout his campaign and up to his victory speech is nothing more than political rhetoric. However, come January 20, 2009 the actions have to coincide with the words. Will they? Time alone will tell.

When the next Supreme Court Justice is nominated what will that individuals mindset be? Will it be to carry out the Constitutional dictum? Or will it be to continue and expand the philosophy of intellectualist activism? How will Obama act after the celebrants of this historic night have gone to bed?

Will he be President of all the people, or simply those who are of his political liberal bent? Mr. Obama, words mean things! In all due respect sir, it is now time to put up or shut up. Conservative America is watching everything you do, so do the right thing. Please! Do the right thing.

Freedom Of Speech Or Death
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