Thursday, January 01, 2009

What Does 2009 Hold?

Well, it is yet another year gone by and what a year it has been. I doubt that there are many among us who are sorry to see it go. We all are hopeful that the New Year will bring better times. But will 2009 see the improvements in the economy we all hope for? That is the 20 million dollar question.

Within this month we will see the swearing in of the new President, a historical first as the first non white takes the reigns of our nation. Without regard to that little racial fact, President Obama will have much to deal with. We are facing hard economic times which will likely become much worse regardless of the actions taken by the new President.

In addition to the severe economic issues the world seems to be on the brink of possible global war. Israel is prepared to defend itself against constant missile attacks from the Gazza. With air strikes against targets in Gazza City and the high likelihood of boots on the ground shortly this conflicts can only lead to greater conflicts in the wider region.

Indeed the hope for peace in the coming year is a long shot at best. It is my belief that Obama will not meet the hopes of his supporters in ending the United States involvement in the region. Even if he ends are actions in Iraq it will only be in order to move troop deployments to other hot spots.

What then are the prospects for little Israel? Dr. Michael Savage has said on many occasions, Israel is the canary in the mine. Indeed the United States is the coal miner for whom the canary gives warning of danger. Will this nation have the good sense to keep careful watch on that canary?

More importantly will the United States protect its canary? The actions being taken currently by Israel are crucial to what the United States will face in the near future. It is possible that Israel will be the proxy for the destruction of Iran’s nuclear arsenal. Without a direct strike against Iran, likely this year, the survival of Israel is highly questionable.

It shall indeed be a year of great political activity. If the actions of radical Islamic fundamentalists are not crushed this year, a thing which I doubt can be easily accomplished; the world is in for very hard times.

Will President Obama be up to the task? If he is serious about fulfilling his oath of office, he will need to forget about political debt and simply do the job. Obama has the rare opportunity to go down in history as one of the greatest Presidents in American History.

On the other side of the page he is in the position of becoming the individual recorded in the books of world history as the last American President. Yes friends, it is my view that world conditions might become so severe during this administration that this might indeed be the end of the United States of America.

It is time for all of America to sober up. Happy New Year indeed!!!

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