Sunday, February 01, 2009

Michael Savage Architect of New Political Party?

Recently Dr. Michael Savage, during one of his nationally syndicated radio programs stated that he is going to be the architect of a new Nationalist political party. He stated that he would be the “architect” and not the “builder” of such a party. Is Savage now backing down from his original position when he stated that he was going to “create” a new Nationalist party?

Of course I might be reading too much into his words. He did not get into any specifics of what being the architect entails. I certainly hope that he begins to unfold his plans for us his audience.

Last year Savage stated that he would give more details in the coming year (2009) and since then, true to his word, this is the first mention again of the subject. One would have to believe that Savage is serious about his belief in the need for a new political party.

Yet one is forced to wonder by his words, if after looking into the matter with his attorneys, Savage concluded that it is all but impossible to establish such a party because of the legal hoops which one must jump through.

Why that might be the case is a story for another time. I would only comment at this time that one would suspect that if one wished to create a political party one would simply gather an association of like mined individuals. Since the system is rigged it should not come as a surprise to anyone that there would be many obstacles placed in the path.

But what does Savage include in being the “architect” of a political party? Is he simply going to say this is what we need to do now you go out and do it? Or is he, as previously stated going to put his own money into it? Remember he previously stated that he was going to “create” such a party.

If this is a real plan which will have legs then Savage is going to have to form a team of highly dedicated people be they volunteers or a paid staff, perhaps a combination of both paid staff and volunteers who hold the same vision as Michael Savage.

Savage has the radio time in order to give direction, but is his audience dedicated enough to be more than sideliners? Will they in fact mass to the call for action? Will they work in unison or will they like so many others simply fight for prominence and attempt to make it their own agenda?

I guess that we will simply have to wait and see what Michael Savage has planned for us. But it seems clear that the Republican Party has no hope of ever fulfilling the needs of people who desire simply to see a sane political party which holds true to real American values.

What is your plan Dr. Savage? We all want to know. Few if any can accomplish what you are attempting to be the architect of. Can you do it Michael? Will you be successful? Show us just how much influence on the political frontline you really have General Savage!

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